The Weber’s Martial Arts Karate Birthday Party Experience

martial arts birthday party

Karate Birthday Parties at Weber's Martial Arts are unlike any other because they are specifically designed to make your child feel like a star! We believe every child should have the time-of-their-life on their birthday, and we've developed a party experience which does just that. Our Karate birthday parties are a blast! They provide safe, fun entertainment for your child and their friends.

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Webers Martial Arts Karate Birthday Parties
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Holding your child’s birthday party at
Weber's Martial Arts is a great way to save time, energy, money, stress, AND your child will have the time of their life!
Our Birthday Parties are set up to run for two hours. Highlights in each party include 90 minutes of activities and games in our spotless, state-of-the-art facility, board breaking, a souvenir belt signed by party guest, and much more. The last 30 minutes is for having cake, including our famous "Samurai Sword cake cutting", and opening gifts.
Kids Karate Birthday Party

Our goal is to take out all the guess-work, remove the stress, and give your child a party experience they’ll never forget. We do all the setup and cleanup. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the party!

While your child and their friends are having a blast, you and your adult guests are welcome to relax and have a party on your own. We can supply food, or you can bring your own. We have so much to offer to make your life easier, we can even provide custom posters and invitations for you. You don't have to do a thing other then mail them to your guests.

Call today to schedule a birthday party your child will never forget!
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"I had my son’s 5th birthday
at Weber’s Martial Arts and I cannot
say enough! Master Weber was so good
with all the kids and was extremely
 professional. The party was filled with lots
of activities/exercises which kept all the kids fully engaged. But most of all, the kids had a blast! Three months later, I still have kids telling me how much fun they had at the party! Definitely give Weber’s Martial Arts a try;
you will not be sorry!!!"
– Pauleen M.
If your child is not a student, come on down for a free tour of our facility, and speak to our Program Manager about how we can make this the best birthday party experience your child will ever have!
Brandon’s 6th birthday party
was a success!! The instructors
were so patient and the kids had a
great time. I was a little hesitant at first
since Brandon had never done martial arts
but it was more than I could ask for!!
He loved it!! Would totally
recommend it!!
–Jay G.
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