Tiny Dragons Karate Program

Ages 3 to 4

Weber's Martial Arts is amazing for young children. Our classes for students ages 3 to 4 have been specifically designed to meet both the physical and mental needs of growing children.

Imagine a room... filled with happy, highly motivated, energetic children. They're having fun and learning skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Best of all, they do not see this as learning, they see it as play, because every one of our classes is filled with fun and excitement.

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Weber's Martial ArtsTiny Dragons Class Weber's Martial ArtsTiny Dragons ClassWeber's Martial ArtsTiny Dragons ClassWeber's Martial ArtsTiny Dragons ClassWeber's Martial ArtsTiny Dragons ClassWeber's Martial ArtsTiny Dragons ClassWeber's Martial ArtsTiny Dragons Class

Our Tiny Dragons Program is specifically designed for children from three to four years of age. We have developed methods to capture children’s imaginations while teaching them skills that will start them on the path to success. Children at this age love physical activity, and anything involving play. According to WebMD, the movement milestones for three to four year olds include:

  • Walk up and down stairs

  • Climbing

  • Run more confidently

  • Ride a tricycle

  • Bend over without falling

  • Walk forward and backward easily

  • Hop and/or stand on one foot for up to five seconds

What do we mean by
"Age-Specific" classes?

While some schools group all children together, we understand that different maturity levels require different approaches to teaching. This is why we have created age separate programs, one for the youngest children, and the other for older children. We pride ourselves on making sure our classes are fun, exciting and relevant to each and every child, regardless of age or ability.

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In the Tiny Dragons Program we focus on reinforcing this list, along with other skills including stepping, crawling, blocking, running, hopping, jumping, skipping, throwing, catching, kicking, and punching, to ensure that your three to four year old is a well rounded child.

Weber’s Martial Arts is built on the 3 F’s.

Fun. Focus. Fitness. We incorporate the three "F’s" in each and every class. The first "F" is for Fun. Children learn better when they are having fun, and are in a friendly/relaxed atmosphere. Of course it’s still Martial Arts, so the second "F" is for focus, which includes discipline, and respect. Respect for themselves, their friends, and most importantly, for their parents. The last "F" is fitness. The constant movement, and challenges in every class will guarantee a healthier, happier child!

Some other themes/areas that are touched on in the Tiny Dragons Program are: balance, coordination, discipline, focus, control, and teamwork.

Why do our programs soar above the rest?

  • Faithfully serving Bordentown families for years

  • Proven track record with thousands of happy students.

  • Developmentally appropriate programs.

  • Separate classes based on age and skill level.

  • Fully matted, state-of-the-art facilities.

  • Convenient time schedule.


I was very
excited when I found out about
Master Weber’s karate class for 3 and
4 year olds. My 3 year old son loves this
class! He often tends to be shy in new places
and with new people but he became comfortable very quickly. I attribute this to Master Weber’s positive and caring attitude when working with the children. The classes are fun, engaging, and include a variety of activities that keep up with this fast moving age group. My son is looking forward to the start of the next class.
Thank you Master Weber! – Danielle W.
We were very
excited to find a karate class for our
three year old son, Colby. Weber’s
Martial Arts has noticeably improved
Colby’s balance and gross motor skills while teaching him the basic fundamentals of karate. Master Weber is a natural with children and it is evident he loves working with this age group. Colby is having a blast and looks forward to every class! 
– R. Hart
So are you convinced?
We knew you would be!
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